Inspired Design. Unparalleled Construction. Refined Renovation. Meticulous Management.

Your Dream. Our Team. From concept to completion.

Inspired Design. Unparalleled Construction. Refined Renovation. Meticulous Management.

Your Dream. Our Team. From concept to completion.

Custom Island Homes is the region’s premier turnkey builder and manager of architecturally designed luxury homes. Our vertically integrated business is built on kindness, goodwill, and in giving back to the community and those we are pleased to serve. We pride ourselves on thoughtfulness, professionalism, and attention to detail at every turn, from initial concept to move-in date and beyond. We approach every project with gratitude, thankful for your business and always striving to please our clients at every turn. In addition, we always keep the owner’s lifestyle top of mind, exceeding expectations at each phase of each project. At CIH, it’s a privilege to serve every client. We not only make our clients happy; we make great friends along the way. Unbridled respect, complete transparency, ease of process and mutual understanding are part and parcel of what we do — every day.


Our detail-oriented team of architects and designers will meet with you to assess your precise needs and to determine your lifestyle, then create an exceptional architectural design that reflects your refined taste, desires and standards of luxury living. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.


The advantages of working with Custom Island Homes are numerous. First and foremost, we insist on full transparency every step of the way. We also insist on total accountability in executing every project; our unique business model allows you to work with a single contact who oversees all facets of work. There is no need to hire an architect, an engineer or a dozen contractors. We do it in-house, so it’s all-inclusive. This saves time, money, and resources. We also integrate value engineering in every job; it’s the most efficient, expeditious way to plan and execute each project. And in terms of cost accounting, we keep precise track of every dollar to ensure that your project is within budget.

With blueprints in hand, our dedicated team of professional builders and contractors work assiduously to create the luxury home you deserve. From the first shovel in the ground to the last day of construction, we focus on every detail to ensure that your custom home and surrounding property are works of art, that they reflect your lifestyle, and are built for luxury, beauty, durability, and sustainability.


At Custom Island Homes, we pride ourselves on maintaining lasting relationships with our clients. And the same concepts such as full transparency, total accountability and meticulous cost accounting are paramount in managing every project during and after completion. Once homeowners are comfortably settled into their new dwelling, our team of property management professionals remains at the ready to assist with upkeep, maintenance, with any and all renovation, and to ensure total satisfaction for years to come. Your happiness and satisfaction are our highest priorities.


While Custom Island Homes is lauded for its original design and build capabilities, we are also widely respected for executing superior renovations. Whether it’s adding square-footage to your home, converting living space to other uses or maximizing the functionality of your current living or entertaining areas, our team of renovation specialists is ready to work with you to plan, design and expedite any renovation project to your total satisfaction. We rely on our in-house Smart Technology professionals to ensure that your home is not only functionally state-of-the-art, but eco-friendly at the same time. From plumbing and electrical to HVAC and security, efficiency and ecology are top of mind.

Homes are works in progress. Needs change as families’ demands expand or contract. Living, working, recreation and entertaining spaces need to be reconsidered to accommodate personal evolution, to meet today’s needs, and to prepare for tomorrow’s expectations. We stand ready to assist you with any renovation projects, large or small. For renovation projects of any dimension, rely on Custom Island Homes.


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