We Are Builders, Designers & Developers

Custom Island Homes is a multi-award-winning design and construction firm known for building and developing some of the finest homes in The Hamptons. Led by Congressional award-winning builder, general contractor, and realtor, Lawrence Citarelli, our firm is recognized for its cutting-edge creativity, innovation, sustainable practices, and top-tier service. 

Our business model allows for impeccable quality controls, craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service. With our design, development, and construction expertise, we afford our clientele and architectural firm partners impeccable quality, competitive pricing, and timely execution within budgetary guidelines, from concept to completion.

Some of our unsurpassed services include; preliminary planning, zoning analysis, site development, permit expediting, comprehensive estimating, value engineering, detailed scheduling, coordination of construction and finish qualities, and project management.

Paula Walsh

Paula WalshPaula has more than 20 years of experience working with information technology and customer service, focusing on project accounts management and the construction industry for the past 18 years.

At Custom Island Homes, she is responsible for implementing and continually improving our Project Accounting. She works closely with our clients, Project Managers, and funding agencies to understand specific needs for relevant project information and delivers this information in a timely and meaningful manner. Paula is responsible for weekly payroll, compiling, and issuing our monthly Project Accounting reports as well as our A/P and A/R.

When Paula is not working, she enjoys her real job of raising three beautiful children.

Les Walsh

Les WalshLes has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry with high-end custom homes and extensive renovation project portfolios and simultaneously manages multiple projects. He began his journey as a hands-on carpenter with a pickup truck which quickly evolved into a thriving small business. Les currently oversees a team that consists of 4 project managers, 12 in-house carpenters, and multiple tradespeople. From restorations on 100-year-old projects to modern Hampton homes, Les has a vast understanding of all construction projects.

In his role as Managing Partner, Les fosters an environment of transparency and teamwork. Every project ​is well thought out and enjoyable for the client and the Custom Island team. With unsurpassed performance, and highest quality is maintained on every job. His strong communication and client service skills enhance Custom Island Homes’ process-driven management philosophy.

Lawrence Citarelli

Lawrence CitarelliWith an unparalleled business model, LIII Group, led by award-winning Congressional builder, developer, and realtor, Lawrence Citarelli, offers today’s fast-paced clientele streamlined, practical solutions to everything real estate. A former finance/economics executive of 14 years, Lawrence possesses over 25 years of success in real estate investment and development experience. The company’s decades of experience with custom construction, superior service, and vast sphere of influence afford assurance at all levels in the exciting journey of home-buying and building. We are proud to provide our clientele with comprehensive local and global real estate services, in-depth knowledge, quantifiable savings, value-add solutions, and exceptional quality.